Mushroom Spiel Recap

The 36th Metcalfe Mushroom Madness Spiel (uninterrupted apart from the ice storm 20 years ago), is over for another year. We had 24 teams, representing 11 different clubs, play 44 games over the 5 day spiel.

Delicious mushrooms were served at every meal courtesy of Carleton Mushroom and our kitchen staff including:

  • Karen Girard and team on Wednesday Evening
  • Lynda Kemp and team on Thursday Evening
  • Robert Searle and team on Friday Evening
  • Rick Smith and team on Saturday Lunch
  • Wendy Morris and team on Saturday Evening
  • Rob and Angie Kennedy on Sunday Lunch

Recipes were requested by many curlers including this one you can try at home:

As well as the dip recipe at

Music and dancing were courtesy of Pawnshop Whiskey on Saturday night.

Thanks to all Metcalfe volunteers who supported the spiel by decorating, bartending or cooking. The Metcalfe hospitality was remarked upon and appreciated by all curlers, and many promised to return again next year.

And the winners are:

A Winner
A” Winner: RCMP, Mike Ladouceur, Debbie Potter, William Frappier, Agathe Gaudet
A Runner Up
“A” Runner-up: City View, Mike Smaglinski, Charlotte Smaglinski,
Brett Gutoskie, Zara Dieters-Castator
B Winner
“B” Winner: Winchester/Hunt Club, Bob Wallace, Janet Levere, Kenny Mills, Sandi Wallace
B Runner Up
“B” Runner-up: RCMP, Dean Hibbard, Diane King, Kerry Byrne, Nicholetta Bouwman
C Winner
“C” Winner: City View, Ryan Shillington, Mallory Mann, Dave Sullivan, Katie Brown
C Runner Up
“C” Runner-up: Rideau, Francis Hawco, Carole Fujimoto, Brad Forden, Marjorie MacKinnon
D winner
“D” Winner: Rideau, Andrew Bugg, Natalie Boucher, Gerry Mann, Marissa Rodrigues
D Runner Up
“D” Runner-up: Winchester, Bill Hogaboam, Cassandra Spruit, Abe Duma, Janet Duma
A Semi Final
A Semi Final: RA Curling Club, Diana Favel, Andre Imbeau, Sheryl Dobenko, Jim Dobenko